Idea behind

body - Camping simplified which says it all.having fun of camping without carrying tents and sleeping bags and all the nittygritties work that is needed for successful camping. was started when all of us got together to work out a new concept of “camp outsourcing”.

This really started as nonavailability of tent and camping gears on rent. Desperately in need to go out camping we procured few tents from US and then a thought came to our mind, that its so hard to have quality camping gear here in India and people cannot go out on camping trips and enjoy nature the fun of campfire and barbecue,roasting of marshmallow and sitting beneath the starlit skies with friends and loved ones .

In this whole idea rural villagers are getting benfited as this helps in promoting local villagers by means of "Rural Tourisim" some of the site in which we are hosting our camps, only economy of the village is depended on tourist. We are enabling people who are adventure and nature lover to taste the camping experince and enabling rural villagers to gain from this whole setup.

This was spark behind fire for Happy Camping!!!


abt About us



Abhi "Outdoor Freak" Founder


Lets Campout is an idea which can be experienced. He is a ardent nature lover & an adventure freak and has deep liking for wilderness and open space which unfortunately is not available in our city life . Whenever he gets a chance he likes to sleep beneath the starlit skies . Die-hard Bryan Adam fan and an avid guitarist you can find a guitar collection with him from Lespauls for Fenders. Abhi likes to collect scale model cars and ardent Scalextrics slot cars collector.He believes everyone should experience nature and bliss along with it, he loves to cook and his speciality is Barbecue and whats better than cooking the food you like in wilderness.

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Mansi Co-Founder


Mansi is the wit of letscampout. Responsible for interacting with Customers. She is the lady of the house and camp. All numbers and details are handled by her. Likes to spend time relaxing at home and likes to try out new food.

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Santosh Co-Founder


Santosh is a nature lover. Given a chance he would like to work on farm than on a computer. He considers himself connected to nature. He loves greenery and animals.He likes to explore various forests and wilderness, loves nature paintings.

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