Kaas Campsite


Located near the Kaas village in Satara, the Kaas Plateau is the perfect weekend getaway for those looking to unwind in the lap of nature. Leave the rat race behind to laze in hammocks and cool breeze from the adjoining lake. Situated 290 km from Mumbai and 130 km from Pune, the campsite is a haven for exotic flora and fauna undisturbed by human excesses. Proximity to the lake ensures pleasant weather during the day, with temperatures dropping down to 5-7 degrees in the night during winter. The place transforms into a veritable Garden of Eden between the end of August and October. That's when the entire plateau blooms with flowers and exotic carnivorous plants such as the Sundew and Pitcher plants as well as the magnificent Venus Fly Trap. This abundance of fauna makes the site perfect for photographers. We also provide guided night treks as a post-dinner activity.

Our tents guarantee protection from the elements, and we provide all that's needed to keep you warm and dry. Our air beds guarantee sound sleep whilst shielding you from moisture, insects, and the unsavoury bits of nature. Moving away from civilisation doesn't mean you have to leave civic amenities behind, because Letscampout provides safety and privacy of toilet tents equipped with seats.

All this lazing around can get you hungry, but we have you covered with an elaborate breakfast and dinner menu incorporating signature rustic cuisine offering delectable veg options. The culinary highlight, however, is an all-you-can-eat barbecue replete with veg delicacies cooked right in front of your eyes.

Summer : 11-30°C

Winter   : 7-20°C
Details Letscampout
Cost Adult 1699
Cost Child > 12 yrs 999
Checkin Time 16:00 hrs
Checkout Time 11:00 hrs
Meals Veg Barbecue,Dinner,Breakfast
How to Reach
Mumbai to Kaas 281 Kms

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Pune to Kaas 135 Kms

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How far it is from Mumbai ?
5 - 6hrs from Mumbai, 281km
Can we get our car till campsite?
Where can we park our cars?
We arrange for parking with additional charge.
Is there any parking charge
How much time does it take if we have trek?
1 hrs.
What do we need to carry?
Blankets, toiletries, closed pair of shoes, cap, extra clothes, any specific medicines and a torch.
Do you provide sleeping bags?
For hygiene reasons we don't provide sleeping bags.Instead we provide comfortable bed (Foam Mattress).
Is there any bathing facilities.
Yes for stays more than 2 days.
How are the toilets?
Wash Closet (Western Style dry toilets).
How much time would it take from Pune?
2 hrs from Pune.
Can we get children?
Campsite is child friendly best for age group 3 to 12.
Are there mosquitoes?
No. Due to high altitude and strong winds there are no mosquitoes.
Are pets allowed?
Is it safe & secure?
Can we do corporate training programmes?
Yes, you can get your trainer, or we hire it for you.
Can we celebrate private parties exclusively?
Yes we arrange for parties.
Do we need to make our own barbecue?
Only if you want to.
Is there network for mobiles?
Yes (limited network).
Is there charging point?
There is no electricity.
What is per tent capacity?
2, 4 & 8 man capacity.
What is your maximum capacity?
Is it cold in Summers?
During peak summers the campsite is quite pleasant due to forest cover.
During night temperature drops down and you require blanket and campfire to keep you cosy.

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Trek along un treaded path. Jungle trail in near by forest. Night treks in jungle listening to calls of the wild.

If you think of camping is not comfortable then you think wrong.we provide airy and roomy tent to carrymats which is comfortable than your mattress you use at home. Wilderness@comfort.

Spending quality time with you friends and loved ones Celebrating birthday parties in wilderness is one of a life time experience.

Spend your nights with exploring the unexplored.Trek along the Kaas Plateau or Fish around Kaas Lake.You can go on guided night trek in near by forest.