Kashid Sea Side Campsite


The ideal weekend getaway should provide a pleasing change to your hectic routine and mental relaxation. What you need is a change in scenery. With our Kashid beach campsite you can trade the tarmac, rush, and worries of city life with an exotic blend of sun, sand, and total relaxation. This coastal paradise is just a three-hour drive away from the heart of Bombay and quite popular with tourists. However, Letscampout's site has none of the touristy trappings thanks to its unique location.

The campsite is situated just bang on beach next in a farm overlooking Phansad wildlife sanctuary and the majestic Arabian Sea, with access to a secluded beach located just a stone's throw away. The beach itself is away from the main tourist attraction, which lets you enjoy its pristine white sands and unpolluted waters at your leisure. Relax in the cooling sea breeze in our shacks made completely from bamboo and hay. If you prefer to spice the evenings, we even arrange private beach parties and boat rides. You can while the afternoon away fishing, or indulge in more vigorous activities such as beach volley ball and cricket, snorkelling, and sailing.

All that relaxation can make one hungry, but we have you covered with our mouth-watering coastal food, which is otherwise hard to find in Kashid. However, nothing comes close to the experience of watching the moon flicker in the vitreous sea water, even as your senses revel in the warmth and aroma of our barbecue.

Go out deep sea fishing and if you are lucky with the catch you can cook it on boat too.

Summer : 17-39°C

Winter   : 12-30°C
  Letscampout Experience
Details Letscampout Experince
Cost Adult 2500 +5% GST.
Cost Child > 12 yrs 1250 5% GST.
Checkin Time 16:30 hrs
Checkout Time 10:00 hrs
Meals Unlimited Barbecue, Dinner Veg/Non Veg,Breakfast, Tea & Coffee.
   Letscampout Lite
Details Letscampout Lite Camping
Cost Adult 1499 +3.09% Govt Service Tax.
Cost Child > 12 yrs 1250 +3.09% Govt Service Tax.
Checkin Time 16:30 hrs
Checkout Time 10:00 hrs
Meals Breakfast (Pohe), Tea & Coffee, Do it yourself Veg Barbecue,
Dinner Veg/Non Veg, Additional Non Veg Barbecue per person Rs 499
How to Reach
  • From Alibaug Kashid Beach is around 45 Kms.
  • Campsite is 5kms from Kashid Beach.
  • Follow the way from Main Kashid beach towards Murud Road.
  • You would come across sudden sharp left turn with incline.
  • There is a village called Danda.
  • Nearest landmark is KP Beer Shop.
What is the tariff?
2500 /- for adults and 1250 for children upto the age of 12 yrs.
* subject to change without prior notification. Check the tariff for more details.
What is Letscampout Experience and Letscampout Lite?
Letscampout Experience you can camp on private kashid beach in tents facing sea. All meals and unlimited barbecue is offered in Letscampout Experience package along with complimentary boat ride.

Letscampout Lite is a package which is lite on pocket but yet high on fun. In this package you can camp in nearby Jungle, Tents on Tree Machan but still be close to the beach!!! You get Dinner and Breakfast alongwith the package.
Option of grilling your own VEG barbecue is offered.
How far it is from Mumbai/Pune?
3 hrs from mumbai, 125 km

3-4 hours from Pune 168 km
Can we get our car till campsite?
Yes till our parking.
Where can we park our cars?
We arrange for parking near our campsite.
Is there any parking charge ?
What do we need to carry?
Blankets, toiletries, closed pair of shoes, cap, extra clothes, any specific medicines and a torch.
Do you provide sleeping bags?
For hygiene reasons we don't provide sleeping bags. Instead we provide comfortable bed (Foam Mattress).
Is there any bathing facilities?
How are the toilets?
Wash Closet (Dry Pit Toilets).
Can we get children?
Campsite is child friendly best for age group 3 to 12.
Are there mosquitoes?
Are pets allowed?
Is it safe & secure?
Can we do corporate training programmes?
Yes, you can get your trainer, or we hire it for you.
Can we celebrate private parties exclusively?
Yes we arrange for parties. We have private beach so beach side dining/parties can be accommodated.
Do we need to make our own barbecue?
Only if you want.
Is there network for mobiles?
Yes (Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, Airtel (limited network).
Is there charging point?
There is no electricity.
What is per tent capacity?
2, 4 & 8 man capacity.
What is your maximum capacity?
Is the adventure sport safe?
Yes, we have trained staff conducting these activities.

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