Monsoon Camping @ Sabharwal Farms


Are you tired of spending, what seems to be, an eternity enduring the tropical hell of the concrete jungle? What you really need is a much-needed respite in the form of a monsoon getaway. Letscampout's Sabharwals Farm campsite is just what the doc ordered. Expect to be nestled in a lush carpet of foliage overlooking the Kalote Lake and Mountains surrounging in this unique location, even as the mighty Sahyadri caresses you with its gentle blend of cloud and mist. We host the campsite for not more than 50 patrons to ensure the best possible experience. Located just 60 km away from Mumbai, This campsite strikes a fine balance between easy accessibility and being the perfect hideaway unsullied by tourists.

Our weather-proof tents ensure that you can enjoy the rains only when you want to. After you are done soaking in the rain, our air beds guarantee sound sleep whilst shielding you from moisture, insects, and the unsavoury bits of nature. Moving away from civilisation doesn't mean you have to leave civic amenities behind, because Letscampout provides safety and privacy of wooden toilet equipped with commode and health faucet.

Looking for something more than just getting drenched? We have an assortment of adventure activities for adrenaline junkies among you. Our team of highly-trained professionals have devised a safe and exhilarating Kayaking setup that's not only accessible to complete novices, but is also satisfying for those who seek the sport. People can take horse ride or take a dip in the lake with life jackets on. For lazy lot we have option of fishing in the lake as well. People high on rush can try there hands at volley ball or badminton. We also have option of Table tennis and few board games.

Those who want to commune with nature instead can opt for a short, hour-long trek culminating at the source of the pristine Ulhas river. However, you don't have to tread long to soak in the virgin splendour of our own secret waterfall situated just 10 minutes from the campsite.

You're likely to drum up a sizeable appetite with all these activities, and we have you covered with an elaborate breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu incorporating signature rustic cuisine offering delectable veg and non-veg options. There are few things as perfect as an evening tea in the lap of nature with hot pakodas and good company. The culinary highlight, however, is an all-you-can-eat barbecue replete with veg and non-veg delicacies cooked right in front of your eyes.

Rainy,Foggy,Misty & Chilling!!!
Details Moonsoon Camping
Cost Adult 2500 + 5% Govt Service Tax.
Cost Child 5-10 yrs 1250 + 5% Govt Service Tax.
Checkin Time 16:30 hrs
Checkout Time 10:00 hrs
Meals Tea Biscuits,Veg/Non Veg Barbecue,Breakfast
Meals. Veg/Non Veg Dinner
How to Reach
  • Take the 1st exit from Mumbai Pune Highway.
  • Follow your way till Karjat Phata.
  • Pass the Karjat Phata and cross Nishiland on your left.
  • Follow the road where you come accross RK Resort.
  • Take the Left turn and follow path till Sabharwal Farms.
  • Go straight park your vehicle in order.
  • Ask for Letscampout Campsite.
What is the tariff?
2500 /- for adults and 1250 for children upto the age of 5-10 yrs.* subject to change without prior notification.Check the tariff for more details. + 5% Govt Service Tax.
How far it is from Mumbai?
1.30 hrs from mumbai, 60 km.
Can we get our car till campsite?
Sedans can reach parking spot after that you have to take boat till campsite.
Where can we park our cars?
We arrange for parking at Farm nearby with additional charge.
Is there any parking charge?
How much does it take to reach by vehicle?
1.30 mins.
How much time does it take if we have trek?
1 hrs for the first time.
What do we need to carry ?
Rainwears,Umbrellas,Floaters,blankets, toileteries, closed pair of shoes, cap, extra clothes, Medication if any, torch.
Do you provide sleeping bags?
For hygiene reasons we don't provide sleeping bags.Instead we provide comfortable Air beds.
Is there any bathing facilities?
Yes we do have shower facility.
How are the toilets?
Western Toilets with health faucet.
How much time would it take from Pune?
2.30 hrs from Pune.
Can we get children?
Campsite is child friendly best for age group 3 to 12.
Are pets allowed?
Yes.Please confirm before booking we do have dog house.
Is it safe & secure?
Can we celebrate private parties exclusively?
Yes we arrange for parties.We have a private pond with waterfall where we can host private party at additional cost.
Do we need to make our own bbq?
Only if you want to.
Is there network for mobiles?
Yes(vodafone,Idea,Reliance,Airtel (limited network).
Is there charging point?
Yes we have limited charging point in case of emergency.
What is per tent capacity?
2, 4 man capacity.
What is your maximum capacity?
50 pax.
Is the adventure sport safe?
Yes, we have trained staff conducting these activies.
Are the tents waterproof?
Yesthey are specially imported from UK to keep you dry while sleeping.

@ letscampout

Trek along un treaded path. Jungle trail in near by forest. flowing water steam and personal waterfall.

If you think of camping is not comfortable then you think wrong.we provide airy and roomy tent to airbed which is comfortable than your mattress you use at home. Wilderness@comfort.Tents and matresses are imported straight from UK. They would keep you bone dry for sure.

Spending quality time with you friends and loved ones Celebrating birthday parties in wilderness is one of a life time experience.

Spend your nights with exploring nearby forest or by sitting next to barbecue where you can have corn on cob and some amazing lip smacking barbecue dishes dished out especially for you.