Corporate Team Outbound


Outbound training, Experiential learning, Outward bound programme, Corporate management Leadership Development programme, Adventure learning, Outdoor workshops. These are all different titles but fundamentals of learning through nature and adventure cannot change. Only the approach can be different. We believe that Team-Building Exercises are best facilitated through a relaxed, non-confrontational and experintial way.

Great teamwork makes things happen more than anything else in organizations. People working for each other in teams is powerful force, more than skills, processes, policies. From outdoor high adventures to indoor tabletop activities, our customized team building programs are enjoyable and interactive.

We use the outdoors as a vehicle for experiential learning, where the learning is real, with real successes and failures, and only genuine input will achieve lasting results. Understanding and true learning come from the real world - the great advantage of the outdoors is that it forces you to use your communicative and reasoning skills and to confront problems head-on.

Our Outbound Team Event are in close proximity from Mumbai and Pune.

Our Campsite is a unique experience combining adventure with its historical roots that hark back to Shivaji's campaign against the Mughals. Chhatrapati chose to fortify Rajmachi as it provides a vantage point overlooking Borghat — a crucial mountain passage connecting Mumbai and Pune. The Rajmachi peak is home to two forts — Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, which provide an excellent trekking route. The campsite has its own lake, which also hosts an ancient Shiv temple. The lake brims with water throughout the year and lets you experience fish pedicures as well.

The campsite is located 18 km from Lonavala. Endless swarms of fireflies herald the start of the rains, and witnessing them create a luminous carpet over the foliage is an ethereal experience. The best time to camp is in the winters, which extend from November to March, with night-time temperatures ranging from 12-15 degrees. That's all the more reason to cosy up to our campfires. After the extended winter, summer lasts for just two months between April and May. Even then, the weather is a pleasant 18-20 degrees during the day, and the evenings are surprisingly chilly. Rajmachi, then, is the most accessible means to have a hill station-like experience throughout the year.

The area has its signature flora and fauna, replete with trees that have stood for several centuries. The hiking trail is lined with bushes bearing blackberries, which are good to snack on while trekking. Letscampout provides premium weather-proof tents outfitted with comfortable foam mattresses that guarantee sound sleep and complete protection from moisture, insects, and other unsavoury bits of nature. Answering the call of nature, well, in nature doesn't have to be embarrassing an inconvenient. We have constructed toilets equipped with running water and western commodes offering you privacy and hygienic sanitation.

Foodies are in for a treat with our elaborate breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu incorporating traditional village style of cooking in veg and non-veg. The evenings are spent round the warmth of our campsite barbecue offering veg and non-veg delicacies cooked right in front of your eyes.

Our adventure activities use the challenging terrain offering frenetic paintball action in a carefully planned jungle course. Our team of highly-trained professionals have devised a safe and exhilarating rappelling setup. However, unlike artificial courses, our rappelling setup uses the fort walls and provides an fort-raiding experience that's not only accessible to complete novices, but is also satisfying for those who seek the sport. Lakeside activities include boat races and lake crossing,Raft building etc.

Activities such as Firewalks,Paintball in Jungle and rope based activites have fun and learning of there own. We have the only setup which sports Paintball in Jungle with real machans and bunkers which adds to realism of the game.

Our night treks are safe and the best way to metabolise our scrumptious feast. Not in the mood for physical exertion? If all you want to do is listen to the birds chirp, our campsite is dotted with hammocks for relaxing to the greatest soundtrack ever — that of nature.

Summer : 16-30°C

Winter   : 12-25°C
   Rajmachi Letscampout Experience
Details Corporate Letscampout Experience
Cost Adult 1N 2D Rs 2750 +3.09% Govt Service Tax
Cost Adult 2n 3D Rs. 4999 +3.09% Govt Service Tax
Checkin Time 11:00 hrs
Checkout Time 11:00 hrs
Meals Welcome Drink,Lunch Veg/Non Veg,Unlimited Barbecue Veg/Non Veg, Dinner Veg, Breakfast ,Tea & Coffee.Full Service Camping
How to Reach
  • Take the exit to Lonavala on left side of the road.
  • You would reach Kamath hotel on left.
  • Pass the hotel and follow the road till you reach Lonavala (Near Kumar Resort).
  • Follow the road straight and then you would come across Bharat Petrol Pump on the left side of the road.
  • Take the Left turn and would cross HDFC training Center.
  • Go straight you would see a bridge running over which is expressway.
  • Ask for Upper Deck resort and follow the road.
  • You would come across Tungarli Dam.
  • When you reach Upper Deck take the road straight and follow the road.
  • You would have Valley on your left side and mountains on right.
  • In between you would come across Y junction in which you have to be on left.
  • You would reach house like structure which is Mandir.
  • Follow straight road which would lead you to Rajmachi.

What is the tariff?
Please refer to tariff section.

Letscampout Experience gives luxury camping all the service done by us. This campsite is specially recommended for Corporates and people looking out for adventure and wilderness.

How far it is from Mumbai?
3 hrs from mumbai, 105 km
Can we get our car till campsite?
Sedans cannot reach the Rajmachi campsite.
SUV like Sumo, Scorpio, Ford Endeavour, Fortuner and vehicles with good ground clearance.
Where can we park our cars?
We arrange for parking in Lonavala near Tungarli with additional charge.
Is there any parking charge ?
How much does it take to reach by vehicle?
1.5 hr.
How much time does it take if we have trek?
4 hrs.
What do we need to carry?
Blankets, toileteries, closed pair of shoes, cap, extra clothes, any specific medicines and a torch.
Do you provide sleeping bags?
For hygiene reasons we don't provide sleeping bags. Instead we provide comfortable bed (Foam Mattress).
Is there any bathing facilities?
Yes for stays more than 2 days.
How are the toilets?
Wash Closet (Western Style with running water).
How much time would it take from pune?
3 hrs from Pune.
Are there mosquitoes?
No. Due to high altitude and strong winds there are no mosquitoes.
Are pets allowed?
Is it safe & secure?
Can we do corporate training programmes?
Yes, you can get your trainer, or we hire it for you.
Can we celebrate private parties exclusively?
Yes we arrange for parties.
Do we need to make our own barbecue?
Only if you want to.
Is there network for mobiles?
Yes (Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, Airtel (Limited range).
Is there charging point?
There is no electricity.
What is per tent capacity?
2, 4 & 8 man capacity.
What is your maximum capacity?
250 pax.
Is the adventure sport safe?
Yes, we have trained staff conducting these activities.

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Adventure activites such as Raft building, Team Rafting on still water,Rappelling,Spider Webs can be availed at this site.

If you think of camping is not comfortable then you think wrong.we provide airy and roomy tent to airbed which is comfortable than your mattress you use at home. Wilderness@comfort.

Spending quality time and bonding with your collegues with no other distraction of TV which you often get in resorts. Lot of things can happen over campfire discussion. Best place to bond with team beneath starlit skies and campfire.

Our Dining area and conference area are shaded and cool throughout the day with soft breeze. We provide all equipments required for hosting a team meeting and presentation. This place can host around 80 pax at given time.